About Suliman Al-Turki Industrial Group

Suliman Nasser al-Turki General Manager
Steeco manufactures many of the concrete building materials with special and regular specifications Through French-made factories that are modern and well-developed and fully functional all its products are processed with the latest methods of steam treatment to keep pace with the current and future development in the field of cement materials during the next phase of our products as follows: Interlock tiles in all shapes and utensils the cement pipe The concrete block includes (the regular block. the fireproof block. the soft block ,the reinforced block and sandstone) our first factory was established in 2011 and in 2014 the second factory was established in the factories area in Jalaja. Qassim road. North of Riyadh City. The latest level of technology and development. our products are subjected to testing under the highest international specifications and standards after being tested periodically. Our lab is specially equipped to help monitor and improve quality in every plant To this end. We have different ISO certificates and also have active membership in the interlock in the united states of America. Our products include not only ordinary products in the cement materials markets but also products with special special specifications for the major projects we had the honor to participate in such as: Riyadh metro project National guard projects Projects of the Saudi electricity company Some of the projects of the high commission for the development of the city of RIYADH and many Municipalities at the level of the kingdom during this short period in this field. but we are a part of the possibilities we were able to take great strides in the direction of large projects that added to our products name and value and cannot be waived but we seek to maintain always the technical specifications and standards for each products and sticky quality of each products Suliman Nasser al-Turki General Manager